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Intel reportedly plans new 30W Nehalem processors for microservers

Written by IT News on 8:08 PM

Intel, the world's leading supplier of computer processors, is reportedly planning a new two-core processor designed for servers and is based on "Clarksdale" core. According to the information available for the new processor will be assessed at only 30W, since it is designed to power a new segment of the computer system, the "micro servers", which first talked about the company at its Developer Forum, held former husband

Said 30W processor is trumpeted by the chip maker at IDF 2009 was held between September 22 and September 24 at Moscone Center West in San Francisco, will use Intel's Nehalem microarchitecture will be equipped with a core speed of 2.26GHz. With these specifications, focused Chip Zilla on chip to be used in a new series of low power micro-servers, which would be an alternative for customers looking for an inexpensive solution to a good performance ratio in some applications.

"We are defining a new form factor allows companies to present a uni-processor [machine] may reasonably ... and cost-effective and easy to implement," Jason Waxman, Intel's high-density computing boss said in a recent news article in the Register.

Intel's reference design of the system contains a bound PCB size, full of 1.86GHz quad-core Lynnfield "processor, rated at 45W and linked to four DIMM memory. Although this system a chip already on the market used to it their customers to choose a processor that will be a total power of 25W and 75W max out at idle when the performance increases.

Intel claims that for some customers, this type of solution is a bit comfortable and safe, as it replaces the need for virtualization and provides the right root access only to the consumer.

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