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Intel, world leader in CPU research and development

Written by IT News on 7:15 AM

Intel's Cedarview 32nm Atom Due 2011Thinking ahead, it seems that Intel has done lately, with no fewer than three new computers at the same time, developed by Santa Clara-based company. These three projects Pine trail Pineview, Georgia and CPU platform (due 2010), Cedar View chip (2011) and also a 22nm process-based chip planned for 2013.

Cedar View, an Intel Atom processor based on 32nm process technology. The processor is expected to peak performance of their predecessors and will, hopefully, a reasonable energy bragging too. There are some features that are reportedly to be integrated into the core of the chip.

Such a function is a fully integrated graphics chip will support DirectX 10.1 and smooth playback of High Definition (HD) media files. This means that gamers probably will still opt to buy a graphics card, multimedia enthusiasts will have no reason to invest in a separate video card.

Another feature of the Cedar View implicit support for the Intel Atom is a dual digital display. Although not strictly true multi-display enthusiasts to meet, it is probably enough for office workers or business people interested in running multiple tasks on the same system.

Combined with the rumor that the device will DDR3 RAM memory controller (on a par with the Core i7 processors Bloomfield) chip will provide consumers with all the resources required for each application. Such double-DIMM support would almost certainly be dominated by the desktop version, but according to Fudzilla, the possibility of netbooks to this feature is also quite high.

Cedar View will be preceded by Pineview, Georgia and the CPU platform Pine Trail, which is defined, which is already in January 2010. This product will probably be Intel's flagship for 2010 and part of 2011, the Cedar View kicks in. For now, consumers can be confident that AMD still plans to translate innovation as it has always done.

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