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This is Cooltek K1, predecessor to the K4

Written by IT News on 7:25 PM

PC Cooling introduced its newest Cooltek-branded PC case Cooltek K4. This case focuses on the mid-segment and is a medium-high tower of 430 mm, 190 mm wide with a diagonal of 48 inches.

The case is built with three exposed (external) 5.25 "drive bays and six internal 3.5" bays. It has a built-in tools to keep free mechanism used disks (or hard drives, optical drives, or SSDs). Similar mechanisms will also handle PCI cards. A special event on Cooltek branded product that the whole is made of SECC steel.

As such, but not so large, weighing not less than 5,2 kg. It is suitable for most motherboards, except the very large, and most other components, except perhaps the most graphics adapter prototypes Radeon HD 5970, which barely manages to fit even the largest cases currently on the market.

The case will not match any accompanying fans, but can someone at the front and rear sections accommodate up to four 120mm fans, to be exact. In addition, the front of the enclosure with an I / O panel, two audio and two USB ports contain.

This case, aimed at middle-and, perhaps, low-end markets is one of the strongest available. It is as heavy as a stone, but micro-computers that were not intended for me groaned in the first place. Looking for a new configuration changes, or simply think that their current accommodation will Cooltek K4 perfectly still valued for their configuration, gives a sense of authority through the solid-steel frame.

K4 is already available for buying and selling at a price that is approximately equal to € 44.90 (or around $ 67).

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