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Mandriva Flash 4GB!- A 3D Desktop in your pocket

Written by IT News on 1:18 AM

Mandriva Flash is a pre-installed Mandriva Linux distribution on a simple 4GB USB 2.0 Key, it claimed as the #1 linux key

Plug the key, start your Linux system everywhere, save and exchange your datas on the free space, up to 3GB!
Impress your friends with your mobile 3D desktop!

Why choose Mandriva Flash?

  • Mobile: take it everywhere and make any desktop your own!
  • Handy: everything for your office work, Internet and multimedia... on a stick!
  • Keep your personal data in your pocket!
  • Fun: spectacular 3D-accelerated desktop, only with Linux!
  • Safe: it doesn't make any changes on the host computer
  • Reliable: unmatched stability and hardware recognition
  • Fast: high data transfer rates with USB 2.0
  • Storage: up to 3GB available for user files
Content & services
  • 4GB USB flash drive designed by Dane-Elec Memory (5 year warranty!)
  • A neck strap
  • Mandriva Linux 2007 KDE 32-bit
  • Mandriva Club trial account: Silver level 1 month
  • Supplementary CD image to boot even on legacy systems
  • Mandriva web support: 1 month*
  • Automatic hardware detection**
* support include: Booting on the USB key, package selection, video card and screen configuration, printer configuration, hardware configuration, internet configuration, basic network clients configuration

**Most hardware configurations are supported. Go to or for futher information.

Core and Software
FlashPlayer - glibc 2.4 - KDE 3.5.4 - kernel 1 - Mozilla Firefox - 2.0.4 - RealPlayer

Hardware Requirements
  • CPU: all Pentium, Celeron, Athlon, Duron, Sempron processors, Intel Core Duo
  • RAM: 256MB minimum, 512MB recommended.
  • Graphic cards: NVIDIA®, ATI(TM), Intel® i8xx and i9xx.
  • Sound cards: all Sound Blaster compatible cards and AC97

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