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Intel vPro technology

Written by IT News on 2:46 AM

Intel vPro is a new processor that have ability to be controlled remotely. Intel vPro processor technology helps you increase the proportion of issues you can take care of remotely.

Intel® vPro™ processor technology introduces layers of hardware-based security beyond what you can get from software alone, as well as manageability features that reduce the need for tedious, inefficient deskside maintenance visits for the business PC—a first for managed PCs. Intel vPro processor technology is the industry’s first solution that enables OS-absent manageability in 802.1x and Cisco NAC networks

Software-based security applications typically rely on agents installed on top of the OS to secure the PC. That makes security dependent on the OS, which can leave systems vulnerable. Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel® AMT), a component of Intel vPro processor technology, delivers robust hardware-based security that continues to work even when the OS is not

Improve your ability to troubleshoot, diagnose, and repair business PCs by providing remote-boot functionality and persistent event logs that are accessible even on crashed or powered-down PCs. Proactive alerts even make it possible for IT to know before the user of a hardware failure

Intel vPro key features are hardware based management integration. Typically most business entities support PCs using software agents that reside within the operating system for common tasks such as remote desktop, distributing software updates and enforcing security policies. Hardware based management has been available, but is limited to auto configuration using DHCP or BOOTP for dynamic IP allocation and diskless workstations, as well as Wake On LAN for remotely powering on systems.

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