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Amazing! Now you can Fly with F16 in Google Earth!

Written by IT News on 8:54 PM

When Google released the 4.2 version of Google Earth, the fans from all around the world were absolutely amazed by the Sky function which brings a new perspective for the available
imagery. As you probably heard, Google Sky allows you to analyze the starts and the galaxies straight from your computer. Soon after that, it was discovered that Google offers many more hidden functions through the downloadable mapping tool but it never mentioned them. For example, the search giant updated the placemarks icons, replacing the old ones with newer and more attractive imagery.

But, there is something that you would never expect to see in Google Earth: the Mountain View company implements a flight simulator, an exciting game that allows you to fly over your favorite location and enjoy the collection of photos offered by the application. All you need to do is press open Google Earth and press Ctrl + Alt + A if you're a Windows user or Cmd + Option + A if you have a Mac. Instantly, a pop-up that allows you to choose from two aircraft should be opened. As you can see by yourself, you can fly using an F16 airplane or a SR22, "a high-performance four-seat propeller airplane," as the description states.

Then, you're required to choose your start position: your current view, your last position in flight simulator (supposing that you used the function before) or you can take off straight from an airport. In addition, you can control the airplane with a joystick in order to become a better pilot.

Google Earth Flight Simulator
Enlarge picture
What's most interesting is that Google Flight Simulator was actually a hidden function but, once you discover and run it for the first time, it will be included in the 'Tools' menu of Google Earth.

This is it for now, have a nice flight without nausea or headaches. For a complete list of shortcuts for the game, visit this website.

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