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Gmail is now really cool!

Written by IT News on 3:40 AM

Amazing! what is your first though when your friends told you that gmail is now give access to the IMAP and POP3 protocol? Perhaps you will sudently said, that was a joke or just another hoax.

I can't imagine that google are really provide these access for free. This is what just people looking for. With this service you will be able to read or download your gmail inbox into your local mail client such as Outlook,Eudora,Netscape and mobile device.

Gmail is improve day after day, and this service is the best one. Event yahoo never give these access freely.

The requirement or setting gmail Imap or Pop3 are versy easy, simply logon to your gmail account and then navigate to setting area.

Overall it’s a thumbs up for the Gmail team. Good job! its really cool guys!
I'll personaly write the step by step on how to configuring gmail pop3 access with outlook.

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