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FBI Knocking On Cyber Criminals' Door

Written by IT News on 5:59 PM

FBI committed to stop the cyber criminals, the 'Bot Roast' operation is meant to stop the cyber criminals and, especially, the botnet owners, who attempt to control
numerous computers from all over the world and launch web attacks. According to the FBI officials, since June when the campaign has started, no less than 8 individuals have been identified and some of them have even been sent to prison after they pleaded guilty. As far I can see, many of the individuals identified by the FBI were pretty young, as 3 of them were 21 years old.

"Today, botnets are the weapon of choice of cyber criminals. They seek to conceal their criminal activities by using third party computers as vehicles for their crimes. In Bot Roast II, we see the diverse and complex nature of crimes that are being committed through the use of botnets. Despite this enormous challenge, we will continue to be aggressive in finding those responsible for attempting to exploit unknowing Internet users," FBI Director, Robert S. Mueller, commented the case.

The botnets managed to cause a $20 million economic loss, and approximately one million affected computers, informs FBI. That's why it's extremely important to keep your computer protected with any powerful solution you want and to avoid downloading or installing unknown files that come from unrealiable sources.

"The public is reminded once again that they can play a part in thwarting botnet activity. Practicing strong computer security habits such as updating anti-virus software, installing a firewall, using strong passwords, and employing good e-mail and web security practices are as basic as putting locks on your doors and windows. Without employing these safeguards, botnets, along with criminal and possibly terrorist activities, will continue to flourish," FBI Assistant Director James E. Finch, Cyber Division, said.

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