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Watching your network with LANguard

Written by IT News on 9:33 PM

Making sure your network is secure can be a daunting task. Here's how you can use LANguard Network Security Scanner to help get a handle on things.

Many tasks face a typical network administrator daily, from normal duties to -- in smaller shops -- user support. In situations like these, all the help an application can provide is welcome to relieve some of the daily work load of the administrator or support staff.

Enter LANguard Network Security Scanner from GFI, a multi-purpose tool designed to view and fix vulnerabilities are on your network. This article will look at the product as a whole, discuss pricing and availability, and then dive into the remaining features.

Note: During the installation process, you will be prompted to supply a domain administrator user account and password to assure that LANguard can properly access your network. You will also be asked to point LANguard at your e-mail server so notifications and alerts can be sent appropriately. For the purposes of this article, I will be running LANguard on a single Windows Vista PC, with local administrator credentials supplied.

The LANguard Network Security Scanner

The interface for LANguard Network Security Scanner (LNSS) displays a paned format with the list of tools on the left in an Explorer-style layout. The top pane shows the items being scanned with results; the bottom, the current progress. The default layout for a new installation of LNSS is shown in Figure A.

Figure A

The LNSS Console.

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