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Things to Love About Office 2007

Written by IT News on 4:07 AM

Top Reasons to Upgrade to Microsoft Office 2007.

Ready for a new way to access the features you use the most? The new user interface in the 2007 Microsoftآ® Office release simplifies your work with tools such as the Ribbon and the Quick Access Toolbar. You can do away with guesswork, save time, and get more out of the programs you use every day.

The Ribbon
In place of menus and toolbars, use the new Ribbon tabs in the 2007 release programs Word, Excelآ®, PowerPointآ®, Access, and parts of Outlookآ®. Quickly and easily access the features you use regularly, and see more of the tools available without having to search for them.

To keep your workspace clear and organized, the Ribbon adds additional contextual tabs for many tasks, such as working with tables or graphics. For example, click in a table in a Word 2007 document and the Table Tools Design and Layout tabs appear.

And, if you're a keyboard user, try the new KeyTips feature with the Ribbon:
Press the Alt key to view pop-up tips showing the characters you can type to access any tab.
Once that tab is open, a new set of KeyTips appears automatically.
KeyTips indicates what key to press to access any feature on that tab.
Your Personal Quick Access Toolbars
Just above the Ribbon is a single toolbar designed just for the tools you need to use most often. You can add almost any command from any Ribbon tab to the Quick Access Toolbar. To add a command, just right-click the command and then click Add To Quick Access Toolbar. That's all there is to it!

You can even save custom Quick Access Toolbars for individual files in the 2007 release programs Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or Access. To customize your toolbar, just click the arrow at the end of the Quick Access Toolbar and then click More Commands.

It's that easy!

View a demo.
Side-by-side comparisons with previous versions show how much easier it is to get things done with the new Microsoft Office user interface.

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