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Mandriva rolls out Corporate Desktop 4.0

Written by IT News on 11:09 PM

Mandriva this week announced the general availability of Mandriva Corporate Desktop 4.0, the latest version of its enterprise-dedicated, KDE-based Linux work station. The new desktop features a 2.6.17 kernel and can be installed in under 15 minutes and extensively customized, thanks to a new post-installation tool, the company said.

"Corporate Desktop 4.0 is the result of several years of work on integrating the best open source technologies into a unified product dedicated to the enterprise desktop," said Mandriva director of engineerng Anne-Laure Nicolas. Results of this effort are said to include:

  • Directory administration and integration -- To complement directory-based authentication, Corporate Desktop 4.0 includes a new tool to set KDE user rights from an LDAP directory.

  • Mobility -- Corporate Desktop 4.0 features simplified configuration of secure remote access (DrakVPN) and simplified configuration of 3G data cards in order to remain efficient wherever you are.

  • Security -- Corporate Desktop 4.0 includes support for data encryption, high security authentication (including smart cards and fingerprint readers), secure connections and an interactive firewall.

  • Ergonomics -- Corporate Desktop 4.0 boasts a completely new, more intuitive design for the desktop plus integration of the latest 3D technologies (Xgl, AIGLX and Metisse).
Nicolas added that the new Corporate Desktop also boasts extensive compatibility with a wide range of hardware and third-party software. For example, the distribution is certified for compatibility with Intel, HP, and NVIDIA hardware, and integrates with third-party software from Arkeia, BitDefender, VMware, among others.

Additional supported hardware is said to include:
  • a large range of disk controllers -- especially JMicron IDE and SiS 966/968 SATA
  • many laptop SD card readers
  • Attansic L1 ethernet controllers
  • USB UVC-compliant video devices
  • Ralink RT2571W/RT2671-based wireless devices
Key desktop applications included in Corporate Desktop 4.0 include:
  • 2.1 office suite
  • Firefox browser
  • Pidgin 2.0 messenger
  • SeaMonkey 1.1.2 web application suite
  • Thunderbird mail client
  • GIMP 2.3.18 graphics editor
  • amaroK 1.4.6 media player
Support services available for Corporate Desktop 4.0, according to the company, include: a five-year security and bugfix maintenance lifespan; web support; professional phone support; expert consulting services; migration support

Mandriva is a full-featured Linux distribution that represents the convergence of the Mandrake (France) and Conectiva (Brazil) distributions. Mandriva Linux (formerly Mandrake Linux) was created in 1998 with the goal of making Linux easier to use.

The company said it also plans to release Corporate Desktop 4.0 on a secured USB key, to enable users to access their data and work environment from anywhere.

Mandriva offers a free trial program for Corporate Desktop 4.0, through which users can download the full version of the distribution and access official updates for one month. Further details are on the company's website.

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  3. By Anonymous on June 27, 2007 at 10:40 PM

    currently i'm fedora users right now.
    there is an issue said that Mandriva don't support any Acer laptop.

    is That correct?

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