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Microsoft tries to win over Web developers at Mix07

Written by IT News on 7:49 PM

Microsoft tries to win over Web developers at Mix07

Microsoft executives will introduce the Dynamic Languages Runtime, software that improves support for dynamic, or scripting, languages in Microsoft tools, according to a person familiar with the plans.

The company will release a beta and website dedicated to Silverlight, its cross-platform multi-browser plug-in for writing media-rich interactive web applications.

Although it's trying to break new ground in software services, Microsoft is working from a well-worn playbook. Its overall goal is to build an "ecosystem" of partners and developers which can build applications that tap into the company's online services and software.

Microsoft said it will also detail liberal usage terms for its web properties, allowing outside companies to build mash-up web applications that generate as many as one million unique visitors per month for free.

According to Dave Cotter, chief marketing officer of Mpire, Microsoft "is still working uphill when it comes to wooing Web entrepreneurs who build mashup applications." Do you think the information that's revealed at Mix07 will help Microsoft win over Web developers? If not, what do you think it will take? Join the discussion, and let us know.

What's new:
At the Mix07 conference on Monday, Microsoft is expected to announce expanded dynamic language support for its Web platforms, including Silverlight, and detail more enticing business terms to promote its Online Services Business.

Bottom line:
The efforts are part of Microsoft's strategy to build a technology platform and thriving business that combines Web services and its software products.

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