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AntiCopy Personal Edition 2.5

Written by IT News on 9:25 PM

AntiCopy provides a complete solution for securing against, managing and auditing the use of portable storage devices on personal computers and corporate networks.

The Idea is very excellent, but is that possible?

How it works?
Blocks data theft by requiring Windows credentials before connecting USB storage devices or PDAs. Can block all access to CD/DVD drives

VolumeShield's AntiCopy Personal Edition 2.5 protects your data against theft by preventing unauthorized use of USB storage devices, PDAs, and CD/DVD drives. It also controls FireWire-connected storage devices such as portable hard drives. This edition is free for noncommercial use—the company hopes you'll like it and tell the boss to get the Enterprise version. But my experience suggests that such a recommendation won't earn you any brownie points.

Test and summary

AntiCopy Personal Edition is free, but I don't trust it. In my testing, it blocked secondary internal drives when it shouldn't. And I hit several "unhandled exception" errors. The Enterprise version may well be great, but you wouldn't know it from the freebie.

Unstable in testing. Confused by U3-formatted USB storage devices. Blocks all access to CD/DVD, not just write access. No protection against copying to digital media cards.

I think it would be nice solution for corporate customer


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