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No Gingerbread for LG Optimus Devices

Written by IT News on 8:17 PM

No Gingerbread for LG Optimus Devices

Southmost Korean transferable phone shaper LG Electronics won't originate up with an update to Android 2.3 Gingerbread for its LG Optimus devices, currently powered by the Android 2.2 Froyo operative system.

In a office on its Facebook relationship, the mechanized sound shaper said that it won't offer the new operating group to its users due to a processor fastness obligation that Google has put in square with the papers variation.

When asked when would Gingerbread succeed on its LG Optimus devices, the consort said that the Optimus lie will be left out when it comes to the Automaton 2.3 update, due to the fact that the handsets arrange a 600MHz travail processor inside.

According to the assort, the peak obligation for Gingerbread would be a 1GHz program transform, and the Optimus parentage does not undergo the obligatory conditions.

Since the processor surface these handsets cannot be upgraded, the phones themselves are not eligible for an assign, the militia states.

"So, the Optimus connection won't be deed the Gingerbread update because they tally a 600MHz processor,and the minimum requirements for Gingerbread demand 1 GHz processor. In otherwise words: it's not realizable to update the processor, alas," are LG's direct line.

For what it's couturier, there power person been a misunderstanding, since Google says that no specified responsibility was put in base.

Still, LG did not update the evidence, which can exclusive show that the company does not possess plans to update the said devices to the last variation of Google's Automaton operative grouping.

On the opposite crewman, Dan Morrill, Golem Open Maker and Compatibility Tech Strip, stated on Cheep (via Phandroid) that, although the decrease is not there, it would be rocklike to talk the software update to experienced devices.

The requirements for Gingerbread are in route with those for Froyo, but this does not associate that all wandering phones that run under Android 2.2 would be eligible for an raise to Automaton 2.3.

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