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Got UDP/IP attack from!

Written by IT News on 8:43 AM

Today May 31 2007, I got repeated UDP/IP attack from IP address :
My location is in Jakarta, Indonesia.

I use Telkomnet instan when got this attack, I assume that Telcom's network is no longer secure. Why? because I only got attack when accessing the Internet with Telkomnet-Instan.

I will report this issue to Telkom by e-mail soon. For everyone I recommend you not to use telkomnet-instan till got notice from this blog. If by any reason you use it, please used firewall in your computer, if you using windows OS, you may use ZoneAlarm to help protect your computer.

When I switch my connection into one of the following providers, the Udp-attack is no longer attack my computer.

  1. Clean network connections:
  2. CBN
  3. XL (Xplore)
  4. FREN
  5. StarOne from Indosat

The attackers is look like comes from china, here is the information for Whois, goto

Also please block this IP address: port 38511 port 33750 port 4455 port 48127 port 35598 port 35351

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